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Click on Project Requirements for your class listed below.

9 Honors Independent Reading Assignments

9 CP Independent Reading Assignments

9 SCP Independent Reading Assignment

Project Rubrics - Click on links to learn the requirements for each project.

Book of Poems Rubric

Character Scrapbook Rubric

Hollywood Rubric

Freshman Honor Students:  You are responsible for four (4)independent project assignments based on reading books of your own choosing.  One book selection teacher's choice! 
Freshman SCP Students:  You will read one (1) book of your own choosing and complete an independent project assignment.
Freshmen CP Students:  You are responsible for two (2) independent project assignments based on reading books of your own choosing.  One book selection teacher's choice!

Independent Reading Assignment

Check the Morris County Libraries to see if your book is available:   All you need is your library card number and your novel can be shipped to the Jefferson Twp. Public Library.


English 9 SCP: You must read one (1) of the following novels (or choices that I approve) during the year and prepare an MLA style project using the questions listed below as your quide.


English 11 SCP: You must read one (1) of the following novels (or choices that I approve) during the year and prepare an MLA style project using the questions listed below as your guide.  

English 9 Honors/ 9 College Prep: Submit a creative project for each reading assignment based on teacher rubric and  MLA style. rules.  See me for the project rubric you have selected.  No project choice can be duplicated.   

Choices are : 1) Be the Teacher; 2) CD Project; 3) Persausive Speech; 4) Ceral Box; 5) Create a Game; 6) Write a reflective paper using the questions listed below as your guide.  

Book Options             Class                               Due Date
Free Choice                9 SCP                             12/01/08
Free Choice                9 CP                               11/17/08
Memoir/Classic           9 CP                               02/27/09
The Miracle Worker  9 CP                               04/24/09**
The Miracle Worker - Teacher Selction: Book will be provided
Note: Group Project and Paper due:  Details will be discussed in class. 
Free Choice                9 H                                 10/20/08   
Memoir                       9 H                                 12/16/08 
Great Expectations   9 H                                 On going   **   
Classic                        9 H                                 04/24/09   
 **Great Expectations - Teacher Selection:
 Note:  Group Project and Paper due.

Questions to consider:

         What is the plot of the novel? (not to exceed one paragraph)

         What is the central conflict and what is the resolution?

         Who are the major characters of the novel and which, if any, do you identify with and why?

         Are there any quotes or passages that stand out as significant, humorous, important, or generally memorable?  If so, copy them into the paper and explain its significance.

  • Is there an idea in the book that makes you stop and think, or prompts questions? Identify the idea and explain your response. 

         What were some of the most problematic areas of the novel?

         Sometimes books touch you, reminding you of your own life as part of the larger human experience. Are there connections between the book and your own life?

         Should anyone else consider reading this novel?  If so, who and why?