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Miracle Worker

By William Gibson


Helen Keller

What would Helen have made of the technology available today to blind and deaf blind individuals? Compare and contrast the technology of the 1880’s to today’s technology. Consider how deaf blind people would communicate directly, and independently, with anybody in the world. 

Annie Sullivan

Using your textbook as a reference describe the typical life of a student/child, father, mother in 1880’s Alabama.  Create a timetable of the day’s activities for these three people.


The Miracle Worker
Project Ideas

1.      Research Helen Keller. Write a biographical sketch of this truly remarkable woman. Include her achievements and triumphs.

2.      Write an additional scene for the play. What happens after Helen begins to understand words? Create a scene that shows how Annie continues to teach Helen. With the help of classmates, act out and dramatize your scene.

3.      Toward the end of the play, Annie says to Kate, "We're born to use words..." With your group, discuss the importance of language. Brainstorm how different life would be without language. Appoint a recorder for your group to write down your ideas, and then discuss your ideas with the members of another group.


The Miracle Worker
Questions to Consider

1.      Before Annie's arrival, how did Helen's disabilities and behavior affect the Keller family? Be specific in discussing the Captain, Kate, and James.

2.      Describe Annie Sullivan. What kind of young woman was she? Cite examples from the play to support your views.

3.      Describe Captain Keller and Kate. Why do you think they had so much trouble controlling Helen?

4.      How do you think Annie's background, especially her memories of her younger brother, Jimmie, influenced her behavior as an adult? Explain.