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Greek Mythology
We will read Edith Hamilton's Mythology.  Her extensive research will make your work a lot easier!  Click on the link below to learn more about this important woman.
We will view several Bill Moyer interviews of Joseph Campbell.  Joseph Campbell is one of the most influential writers on the subject of Myth.  Click on the link below to learn more about his philosophy and published works.

Edith Hamilton

Joseph Campbell


World Mythology
Native American


Check out this website to learn about the influence of Mythology in all areas of life. Answer the question below for class discussion.

Why are myths important to us as individuals, as a society?

Who’s Who on Mount Olympus:  Know the Greek, Roman, Symbol, and Realm of the following

Zeus     Hera            Poseidon        Hades            Athena            Aphrodite         Hades

  Reading Comprehension:  You will read a mythical story from another culture.

You should be prepared to compare and contrast the story you read with at least one Greek myth.  You should be able to identify a Greek “sin” in the story that fits your Greek mythical example and makes sense to the story you read.

Examine the role of the hero in the story and how it compares to one of our Greek heroes.

  1. Who are the parents of the Titans?  Know at least three details about each of them.
  2. How did Prometheus help man?  What happened as a result of this action?
  3. Compare and contrast Eve in Genesis to a famous Greek myth.
  4. Be able to distinguish between the following creation myths:

Greek, Hebrew, Norse, Babylonian, Egyptian

  1. What are the five ages of humanity?  Why is order important?
  2. What are the various sections in Hades?  Know their function. (Don’t forget the Ferry Operator!)
  3. Who are the bad Titan boys and how were they punished?
  4. Who is the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice?  How does she judge the dead?
  5. What famous feats did our young heroes accomplish?  Theseus, Perseus, Jason

What was their quest?  Who did they fight/kill?  What Gods/Goddess helped them, if any? 

  1. “Judgment of Paris”  What does this quote mean?  Explain.
  2. Who fought on the Trojan side of the war?
  3. Who fought on the Greek side of the war?
  4. What Gods/Goddesses favored the Greeks?  Who did they help?  Who were they angry at on the Trojan side?
  5. What Gods/Goddesses favored the Trojans?  Who did they help?  Who were they angry at on the Greek side?
  6. Who is Diomedes and what did he do that angered the Gods?
  7. Did any Trojans escape the war?  Who and How?
  8. What oracle came true for Achilles during battle?
  9. Why were Poseidon and Athena at odds during the Trojan War?
  10. What are the circumstances that keep Odysseus from home?  What character trait is Odysseus best know for and how does it help him before/during/after the war?  What occurs upon his arrival home? 
  11. Who is Aeneas and why did Aeneas go on a journey?
  12. Explain Dido’s role in the Aeneid.  Who is she and how is she related to Aeneas? 
  13. What does “in medias res” mean?
  14. What question do you think absolutely should be on the final?