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Word of the Day

Procedure:  Students are given five new words each week. 
Tuesday HW:   Synonyms and Antonyms  for each word.
Thursday HW:  Sentences for each word.
Friday Quiz:     Every ten words.  (Every other week)
Words Appear at the bottom of this page.

Word of the Day Instructions


WK 1 aborigine  altercation  amalgam  ambrosial  ambulatory 

WK 2 amphibious androgenous aperture  apex  apparition

WK 3  appendage  arcane  archetype  ballyhoo  bedlam

WK 4  bellicose  billet-doux  bizarre  bombast  bona fide

WK 5  boudoir  brouhaha  buffoon  buttress  cacophonous

WK 6  cadence  cameo  carcinogen  carnivore  caucus 

WK 7  celestial circumvent citadel cogitate comatose

WK 8 conflagration contretemps conveyance corona cryptic

WK 9 cuisine debonair decanter deciduous demagogue

WK 10 dexterous disheveled distaff doggerel dormant

WK 11 dulcet echelon effervescent egregious emaciated

WK 12 embellish equestrian equilibrium escalate exdous

WK 13 expletive expunge fecund festoon fiasco

WK 14 flamboyant flotilla formidable gargoyle gauntlet

WK 15 germinate globule googol gossamer gregarious

WK 16 gyrate halcyon harbinger hirsute holocaust

WK 17 impropriety incarcerate inclement indolent intrepid

WK 18 irascible irreparable itinerary jettison juxtapose

WK 19 kowtow labyrinthine lambent languid libation

WK 20 lineage loquacious ludicrous lugubrious luminary

WK 21 maelstrom manacle masticate mausoleum mellifluous

WK 22 metamorphosis monolith nadir nocturnal nodule

WK 23 obdurate obsequious opulent oscillate ostracize

WK 24 ovation panorama paraphernalia pariah parochial

WK 25 penurious pilfer pinion pinnacle plummet

WK 26 pogrom polyglot posh potable precarious

WK 27 progeny projectile promontory prostrate pugilist