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Freshmen Summer Reading

The Most Dangerous Game
Career Research Portfolio
Stephen King
Fahrenheit 451
Great Expectations
Independent Projects
Freshmen Summer Reading
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
The Odyssey
Vocabulary in Literature
Freshmen Study Guide
Maya Angelou
Miracle Worker
Word of the Day
Extra Credit
The House on Mango Street
To Kill A Mockingbird

Summer 2009 Freshmen Reading: Some reviews have been added for your review.  Please visit for additional titles. 


Jefferson Township High School 2009-2010 Summer Reading List and Assignments.

All Freshmen 2009 Summer Assignment and Book Listing: 9 H 9 CP and 9 SCP Mandatory 9 Honors second assignment link below Mandatory.

2009 9 Honors Summer Reading Assignment

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - 1943 by Betty Smith 

Freshmen 9 Honors Book Assignment

Oprah Winfrey:


I think the book that moved me most when I was growing up was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I had a tree in my backyard, too, so I identified with her. I just thought, "Oh, this is my life." And then I discovered Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.  

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: Click here to read a review and a sample chapter! This is the mandatory read for the freshman honors class but anyone can read this novel. A classic story with universal truths!

9 Honors Teacher Selection:  September - May 2009 - 2010
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

While not a summer requirement, Freshman Honors will study this novel later in the year.  If you want to read ahead feel free!!  Hard to read at the beach, but necessary for the honors level of critical thinking and learning! Allow plenty of time to read!

No other novel in the English language so epitomizes upward mobility, the rise from poverty to wealth, as Great Expectations. Often considered to be one of Dickens's best novels, it tells the story of young Pip who is mysteriously helped by two people: escaped convict Magwitch and the eccentric dowager Miss Havisham. Here is storytelling at its best, alive with bigger-than-life characters, plot twists that turn on a dime, and scenes that burst off the page with color.

Great Expectations Amazon Review and sample chapters. You may read any publishers copy and I also have copies available to lend. You must make prior arrangements.

Email me suggestions for next years list!