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You should have a separate journal for Take Five Topics and Vocabulary.

English 9  “Take Five Instructions”


Studies show that daily-sustained writing is beneficial to high school students.  It is for this reason that our class will engage in journal writing or the “Take Five”.


Each day there will be a topic or picture prompt on the far left side of the board.  Some days the prompts will be related to prior or future discussions or the unit we are currently working on.  Other days there will be free writes or picture prompts unrelated to our studies.  No matter the topic, you are expected to always follow the guidelines below.  These simple guidelines, if followed every day, will undoubtedly lead you to an A when journals are periodically collected.



1.                  Bring journals and something wot write with to class each day.

2.                  Begin the moment the bell rings.

3.                  Read the topic on the board.

4.                  Begin writing about the topic.  If it seems you have gotten off task as you write it is okay – just keep going.

5.                  Do not stop until told.

6.                  Volunteer your thoughts, ideas, or questions.

You do not have to:

1.                  copy prompt into the notebook

2.                  use a separate page for each entry


You do have to:

1.                  date all entries

2.                  keep entries organized and in order

3.                  make up entries when you are absent


Take Five Vocabulary or Word of the Day

Studies show that in order to build your vocabulary base you must see the word, hear the word, write the word and use the word.  It is for this reason that our class will engage in Word of the Day.



Each Monday a set of five vocabulary words will be posted on the far right side of the board.  The definition and sample sentence will be displayed. 

1.                  Copy the word and definition into your vocabulary journal.  Separate notebook required.

2.                  List one antonym and one synonym for each vocabulary word

3.                  Create one original sentence. 

4.                  The vocabulary word should always be underlined or highlighted. 

5.                  Quizzes are every other week.

SAMPLE SET UP:              Choose a system that works for you!

Vocabulary Word   Part of Speech            Synonym                   Antonym

behoove                       verb                             be expected                      improper or unethical


Definition:            necessary or proper for moral or ethical reasons; personal gain, proper


Sentence:            It behooves students in Mrs. Vandigriff’s class to study vocabulary in order to achieve an A.


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