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9 SCP Daily Expectations

The Most Dangerous Game
Career Research Portfolio
Stephen King
Fahrenheit 451
Great Expectations
Independent Projects
Freshmen Summer Reading
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
The Odyssey
Vocabulary in Literature
Freshmen Study Guide
Maya Angelou
Miracle Worker
Word of the Day
Extra Credit
The House on Mango Street
To Kill A Mockingbird


English 9 Special Class Program                                                                            

Mrs. Vandigriff


Welcome to English 9 SCP!  Listed below are a few rules and procedures for our classroom.  I am looking forward to a productive, analytical, fun year. 



Please be on time to class.  If late, please hand me your pass and take your seat quickly and quietly.  If I have a question or you do not have a pass, we will discuss after class.  Student Handbook procedures will apply.


Grade Breakdown:

Writing/Tests/Projects               40%

Quizzes                                    20%

Homework                               20%

Class Work/Participation          20%


Homework Policy:

One day late                 =          10 points off

Two days late               =          20 points off

Three days late =          30 points off

Four days late               =          Phone Home


It is your responsibility to turn in all homework.  If late, please place your work in the basket labeled Periods 1/4.  Be sure to mark your assignment 1DL, 2DL, 3DL depending on the circumstance.  If not marked, three days late will be assigned.


Absent Work:


If you know that you will be absent for a test or project deadline, it is your responsibility to notify me so that we can discuss alternative arrangements.  I will do my best to make fair accommodations. 


If returning from an unplanned absence, please ensure that you 1) get the make-up work; 2) complete it in a timely manner and 3) submit to me.  Missed worksheets or handouts will be located on the table next to the file cabinet.  See me after class or after school for any questions. 



A class website has been designed with you in mind.  Visit it often for assignments, reminders, and other important information.

Also, the English Department Research Guide is available on line located at the bottom of the high school page.

Modern Language Association guidelines will be utilized and this research guide instructs you on all of the procedures required. 


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