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English 9 CP

Independent Reading Assignments


Below, you will find four different projects you can select from.  Keep in mind that you may only do each project once.  Each project will be due on the date listed below. 


Due Dates:


November 17th                       Free Choice   

February 2nd                         Memoir/Classic

March 17th                              Teacher Choice ~The Miracle Worker~

Persuasive Speech

Task: Persuade the class in a 3 -5 minute speech to read the novel that you are presenting. Your speech must include, but is not limited to, information on the characters, theme, and conflicts contained within the novel. Be careful not to give away the ending. 


  • Make the presentation exciting and use props.
  • Dress in costume (optional – but always popular)
  • You will be graded on your eye contact, so be certain you have rehearsed.  
  • Do not rush! 
  • Pay attention to your tone and clarity as well as your volume

**You will be going on the day assigned to you**


Cereal Box

Task: Design and create a cereal box that
                                    symbolizes a theme from the novel.  
1. On the back of
                                    the box:
        Design at least four character sketches. 
                                    You need to include the protagonist and antagonist; the other two can be your choice. 
o  Draw the characters. It does not matter if they are stick people or fully developed
o  Describe the characters in detail. 
o Describe each character’s main role, his/her importance
                                    in the novel, what he/she contributed, and how they fit with the theme of the novel.
2.  On the “Ingredients” section,
                                    you will need to provide a brief plot summary.
                                    On the "Recommended Daily Allowance" section, list several characters that we have discussed in class that would relate
                                    to your novel.  Assign a percentage to each character which correlates to the
                                    similarity between them.


Task:  Design and create a CD cover that highlights a major theme of the novel.  
                                    On the back
                                    of the cover, give a brief explanation of what it represents. (Motifs, allegory, universal issues).
                                    Come up with
                                    at least six original song titles that demonstrate aspects of the book.
                                    You will need
                                    to write lyrics for one of the songs.  You may add your own accompaniment, but
                                    that is optional.
        Specify what type of music will be on the CD. (Rock, Hip
                                    hop, Rap)
        Select a popular song that matches the protagonist’s situation in the


Create a Game

Task: Create a board game that displays famous quotes, characters, the setting, and plot of your novel. 


        Your design should incorporate theme, motif, and symbols from the novel.  For example, the classic game of Monopoly has been redone after The Lord of the Rings, capitalizing on the love story.

        Write clear instructions on how to play the game.

        You must have game pieces and cards.


Be the Teacher

Task: Design four handouts you can use to teach this novel to the class. 


        Each handout/assignment should utilize a different learning style.  For example, a journal assignment, a handout that examines a literary technique (simile), reading assignment, or media assignment.

        While constructing your assignments, consider the following:

    1. Setting
    2. Characters
    3. Plot
    4. Theme
    5. Literary Techniques

   Note – handouts must be submitted at least one day prior to your presentation to allow time for copying.



All essays should be a minimum of two pages typed using MLA format

  • Select one character from your novel and address the following questions:  What are the life-changing experiences that enable us to see this character “grow up" during the course of the story? How might this character be changed and does he or she have a more mature understanding of the world around them after their experience? How do you know this character has changed?  Use evidence from the novel to support your answer.
  • Examine the choices made by a character in your novel.  How did those choices either benefit or harm the character.  The paper should be focused on only one character. Remember, this is an examination of personality and decisions and their effect on the story line.  This requires interpretation.
Trace the use of a literary technique in the novel.  You are to select one technique and examine it in detail.  Examples include, but are not limited to, foreshadowing, symbolism, allegory, metaphors/similes, and motifs

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