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2009 Midterm Study Guide Work Sheets
The Most Dangerous Game
Career Research Portfolio
Stephen King
Fahrenheit 451
Great Expectations
Independent Projects
Freshmen Summer Reading
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
The Odyssey
Vocabulary in Literature
Freshmen Study Guide
Maya Angelou
Miracle Worker
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Extra Credit
The House on Mango Street
To Kill A Mockingbird

Answer the questions below to prepare for the Midterm.

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Midterm Review:  Study Guide Questions

Please answer all of the following questions regarding the different units of study that we have covered this year.  Please answer all questions in complete sentences.  Use your notes and textbooks to find all answers.


The Odyssey

1.  What are the characteristics that make up a Greek epic?




2.  What are the three values appreciated the most in Ancient Greek culture?  Provide at least one example from The Odyssey that demonstrates how each is represented.




3.  What happened to the men that ate the lotus blossoms?  How did Odysseus treat those that ate the plants?  What was their punishment?




4. Which Greek gods played a major role in getting Odysseus home?  How did they help him?




5.  Which Greek gods played a major role in preventing Odysseus from returning home?  How did they try to hinder him?




6.  Where does Odysseus begin telling his story to the listener?  How far long on his journey is he when he talks about his journey?




7.  Describe Odysseus’ journey home.  How long does it take him?  How long is he away from home altogether?




8.  Who is Calypso?  How does she treat Odysseus?




9.  Who is Polyphemus?  How does he treat Odysseus?

10.  How does Odysseus outsmart the Cyclops?  How does he ultimately defeat the Cyclops?  What is ironic about his victory?




11.  Who is Teiresias?   What unique ability does he have?  What is ironic about his special ability?




12.  What are the three monsters that Odysseus has to avoid?  What does he have to do in order to sail past all three successfully?




13.  When Odysseus finally returns home, who are the first people he meets?  What is significant about these people?




14.  Why are all of Odysseus’ men killed on the island of Lord Helios?




15.  Why does Odysseus have to disguise himself in his own kingdom?




16.  Describe the contest of the Great Bow.  Whose idea is it?  What are the rules?  Who is the winner?




17.  Describe the melee that occurs in the Great Hall.  How are the suitors punished?  How are the maids punished?




18.  Reread the poem “Ithaca” on p. 948 of your textbook.  What are the main themes?  What do the different places and things in the poem symbolize?







Short Stories
19.  What are the five parts of the dramatic structure?  Provide at least one characteristic for each.




20.  Describe the conversation that Whitney has with Rainsford in the beginning of “The Most Dangerous Game.”  Why is this section of dialogue so important to the rest of the story?




21.  Describe the character of General Zaroff.  What does he look like?  How does he behave?  What kinds of things does he have?




22.  After Rainsford refuses to go “hunting” with General Zaroff, what two options does Rainsford have?  Why does he choose the option that he does?




23.  Identify the two types of conflict and provide an example of each one that occurs in the story.


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