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Flow of the Paper
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This page is provided as a guide to how to organize the research in a cohesive paper.

Flow of Paper


Introduction:     Thesis/Topic Statement

Describe the type of career you wish to explore.

Explain why a career path is important to you and your future.


Body I: Define the career you choose or wish to explore for this paper.


What appeals to you about this career?


What skills do you have that will help you pursue this career?


Body II:            Select a one or two schools that provides an education to prepare for

this career.


Describe the school and some courses they offer.

What type of on campus housing is available?

What financial assistance is available?

What type of academic help is available (tutoring?)


Body III:          Describe the salary earnings for this job.


How long will it take you to earn the degree for this job?


Body IV:          Where do you wish to live?


What type of family life would you like?


Will this job support your dream house and or family?


Conclusion:       Summarize how your life will be with this job.

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