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Requirements and Deadlines
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MLA Requirements



  1. The body of the paper must be from four to six pages long in MLA Style.
  2. The paper must be typed in Times New Roman Font 12; double spaced..  (Arrangements can be made to stay after school and type your paper.)
  3. Every paper must be on a particular career job or profession.  (There will be no duplication of topics.)
  4. Every paper must have a thesis/topic statement, an outline, a body that contains parenthetical notation and finally a work-cited page.
  5. Your paper must consider six to eight sources during the research.  Four sources minimum needed for this paper with at least two that are not from the Internet.
  6. You must use the MLA style.  (Website: 
  7. Students will receive a full letter grade penalty for each day late.  Papers will be accepted up to three days late.  Afterwards a grade of a zero will be assigned. 
  8. You will be given four days in the library.  Use your time wisely!  More time will be needed to complete this paper.  Plan accordingly.  Your studies, after school, weekends at the public library.  This is your research paper!
  9. I am available after school for anyone who needs assistance.  I am available Period 4 and 6 for questions.  Please check with me so I am available to you.  After school activities is not an excuse for late papers or not asking for help.
  10. Any research paper that contains plagiarism will receive a grade of zero.
  11. The software entitled ensures authentic work.




01/05/09                      Topics due Rough Draft of Topic Sentence

01/06/09                      Gather information on career choice; Note Cards -                                    Library Day

01/07/09                      Finalized topic statement is due.   Library Day

01/08/09                      Primary and Secondary Sources Due.  Library Day

01/09/09                      Two Journals Due and Rough Draft of

                                    Page One is due.

01/12/09                      MLA Outline/Work Cited Procedures – Classroom


01/13/09             Registration – Classroom Demonstration

01/16/09                      Outline Due/Work Cited Due/Register at

                                    Email meJ

01/20/09                      Peer Review

01/22/09                      Rough draft of the paper/portfolio due. Quiz Grade

(“peer editing techniques”)  Students must bring to class!

02/12/09                      Final draft of the paper handed in to your teacher.

You must print out one hard copy and also submit the final 

draft to  Instructions provided in class.


REMEMBER:  PLAN AHEAD!!!  Check you supplies:  Paper, Ribbon/Ink, Diskettes.


Please contact me with any questions.