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Career Research Portfolio Requirements
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Requirements and Deadlines

Research Career Portfolio Activities

All written responses are to be displayed in your Portfolio. 

Your Career Portfolio will include

      Research on a particular career that interests you – Four Page Paper

      Journal responses that reflect your feelings as you work on this project – Minimum of four journal responses about your exploration.

      Articles you find that add to the knowledge of your career - Optional

      Cover letter – Introduction of yourself to a future employer _One Page.

      Resume – For a local summer job or the job of your future. – One Page

      Documents commonly associated with career choice –Doctor prescription form; police - tickets; teacher – grade book.  Be Creative!!

      Other: - Surprise me!!!! (Diploma; Awards in your industry)


1.                  In order to know what career you will be most compatible with investigate your personality! Personality Traits – Investigate two of the three websites in this section.



What are the three areas the website identifies for successful Career Planning?  1)______________ 2)_____________ 3)______________

Click on Career Exploration

Click on Career Briefs to look at 800 job descriptions.  Write a one-paragraph response journal on this site’s usefulness.



                                                               i.      Take The Princeton Review Career Quiz.  What color are you?  Color Journal: Compare with a friend. One to two paragraph responses.


1.      Review the various personality types.  Write down the two types that match your personality.  Personality Journal – one paragraph response.


                                                               i.      Click on the Six Personality and Six Work Environments.  Write a two-paragraph journal response to Holland’s Theory.  What Personality and Work Environment did you match?


2.                  What career interests me?  Check out the following two of the following websites to decide!

Explore two of these websites (a – e).  Write a two-paragraph journal response on the site that helped you the most.  Guidance Presentation (f) is mandatory for all students.


b.  Click on Students and Explore!


d. Click on a job to learn more about it.

e.  Even if you do not have a learning disability, these college offer free tutors and assistance in math and writing to help all students.

f.        Jefferson Township Guidance Department  

Did this presentation help you?  Explain in a two-paragraph journal response.

Log onto

Click on Create a New Portfolio

Enter Site ID:  21095

Enter Password: falcons


3.                  Place in your portfolio: This is the four page body of the paper.

Necessary Written Requirements of Selected Career Choice:_______________

a.      Education Level – High School; Two Year College; Four Year College; Graduate School

b.      Geographic Location – Will you attend college in NJ?  Travel to a different state?

c.      Salary Earning Potential – Research the average yearly salary for your career.

d.      Life Goals – What career goals; sports goals; own a home?

e.      Family Life – Do you want a family? When do you want to start your family life?

f.        Relationships – Spouse, Parents, Friends:  How will they help/support your life goals?

g.      Timeline  - How long will it take you to earn a degree, begin work, marry and start a family?

h.      MLA Formatting – All written work must adhere to MLA standards. 


4.                  Resume – Place in your Portfolio

a.      Design a resume for you career choice or a local summer job.

                                                               i.      The Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides excellent examples.


                                                            iii.      Microsoft Word Templates also are helpful

b.      Optional: 100 Words That All High School Graduates — And Their Parents — Should Know

                                                               i.      Listings of words that will make you sound very smart if used in the paper!

c.      Adhere to MLA formatting rules for Resumes


5.                  Cover Letter – Business Format – Place in your Portfolio

a.      Create a letter to a future employer – make believe dream job or real summer job.

b.      The Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides excellent examples.


c. is a scholarly website that presents helpful information.


                                                             ii.      Explore and write a two-paragraph response.


6.                  Post Secondary Options

a.      Register at College Board – If planning on attending a Two or Four year college

b.      Identify criteria needed to pursue career – High School Diploma; College, Experience

c.      PSAT/SAT/ACT requirements for chosen college

d.      Recommendations – Personal letters from people who support your goals and know you.

e.      GPA – Grade Point Average.  Find out what it is and what you need it to be your senior year.

f.        Community Service – Is this something that will help you in college?

g.      Activity Involvement – What types of activities do college and employers look for in a person.

h.      IEP/504 modifications – Are you entitled to assistance at the college level?  Know your rights.


7.                  Portfolio – Creativity Alert! – Folder; Binder that reflects you!  Organize in Sections

a.      Necessary Documents: Cover Letter, Resume, Journal Responses

b.      Accomplishments – Related to your Career Choice

c.      Awards – What recognition is usually highlighted in your Career Choice?

d.      Examples of work – Teacher Lesson Plan, Blueprint of a Car Engine


I am available after school.  Please make an appointment.