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Empathy Worksheet Chapters 1 - 39
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This is an ongoing activity which will commence during your reading of chapter 1 and end at chapter 39.  For this activity, you will need to designate a section of your note book for this journal and be sure to update it often.  So…as you read always keep in mind the concept of empathy.

A good working definition of empathy is the act of imaginatively stepping into another person’s perspective and considering how things look from their point of view (i.e., walking a mile in someone else’s shoes).


As you read the First and Second Stages of the novel we will dedicate a portion of our discussion to identifying experiences, opinions, beliefs, or emotions that Pip has that are worthy of a reader’s empathy.  I am hoping that we will all look at this critically and challenge the opinions of classmates.  Once a situation has been classified as ‘worthy of empathy’ it will be added to our bulletin board. 


At the end of chapter 39 we will use these examples as a springboard for a writing assignment. 

How does empahty affect Atticus Finch; Juliet; Penelope?