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See Installment Schedule for Chapter Assignment


English 9 Honors

Great Expectations




Briefly describe the events contained within the assigned chapters.  Be sure to discuss the setting and major plot developments.  Take care to be clear and concise and report the events in chronological order, only including essential information. 


Important Quotes


Choose two quotes that you deem vital to the development of the plot, characters, or theme.  You must record the quote verbatim and explain how and why it is crucial.  Be sure to include chapter and page number.


Character Analysis (2 examples required)


Find, and discuss in detail, the evolution of a character we have already encountered or a dynamic character that changes in some important way because of the story’s action or the introduction of a new character.  You must have direct quotes from the text to support your analysis. 


Visual representation


Find a picture that represents each chapter read.  This picture will be on display, so be sure that it is large enough. An 8 1/2" by 11" paper is fine.

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