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Critical Analysis Required!

Mrs. Vandigriff’s 2008/2009 Independent Project English 9 Honors


Write a five page typed thesis paper.  Adhere closely to the rules of a thesis paper and Modern Language Association (MLA) rules.  See below link for rules.


Select one thesis topic from the below list for your paper:


  1. Discuss stereotyping as used in Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations.  Stereotypes make assumptions about how individuals will behave because of their age, gender, race, social status and other fixed categories.  Which characters are the victims of stereotyping?  Do any of them break through the behavior expected of the, showing individuality and exposing the falseness of narrowly labeling people?  (Some research necessary).
  2. What _____did and why they did it.  (Select one character and examine in detail).
  3. The use of symbolism in the novel.
  4. Examine and discuss comparisons between the author, Charles Dickens and the character Pip.  (Some research necessary).
  5. Great Expectations has been described as a Bildungsroman, a novel tracing the education and spiritual growth of a young protagonist.  Chose one lesson that Pip learns, and trace his education both socially and emotionally on that issue throughout the novel.
  6. Great Expectations contains many details that foreshadow, or predict, later events.  Identify at least one detail that foreshadows each of the following incidents:
    1. ______ revelations that he is Pip’s benefactor
    2. ______ attempt to murder Pip
    3. Pip’s realization that _______ is Estella’s biological mother
    4. The __________ of Joe and Biddy
  7. Some critics argue that because Dickens wants his reader to view the story from a child’s perspective, he purposely draws on the conventions of fairy tales in creating his plot, characters, and settings.  What evidence is there in the novel to support this view?  Write a paper in which you answer these two questions.  Consider the following elements in your evaluation:
    1. Coincidences that would be unbelievable in real life
    2. Characters that resemble witches, evil stepmother, large-than-life villains, fairy godmothers, ogres, beautiful princesses, and frogs disguised as a prince.
    3. Fantastic or make-believe settings

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