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Ithaca Interview

        As you know, the King of Ithaca has been missing from home for twenty years!  Your task is to learn the whereabouts of Odysseus.  Whom should you talk to in Ithaca?  Can a god or goddess assist you?  Your project must consist of the following:


  • Conduct an Ithaca Interview.  See Rubric
  • Handout Rubric- Work with a partner to design questions that will be used in the interview project. 
  • Choose partners
  • Name your paper and design questions that reflect the paper you represent.  Example:  Star Ledger Reporters would design different questions than a reporter who works for People Magazine. 
  • Decide who is the reporter and what character the interviewee is from the story, The Odyssey.  You can select any character from the story (gods/goddesses/monsters/people/Homer(see page 885 for names). 
  • HW:  Design questions and bring to class tomorrow.  Create a newspaper layout of your article.

v     Any other pertinent information

Helpful websites:

If you need help on this project, please make an appointment for after school assistance.  ~~Mrs. V.~~