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Apply the definition to the heroes studied in class.

The Dystopian Protagonist:  The Dystopian Protagonist stands alone against a society in chaos and control.  Identify an example from the both films and the novel when our heroes struggle to understand the world around them and discover the truth!

                                                The Matrix                        I, Robot        Fahrenheit 451

                                                Neo                             Del Spooner                     Guy Montag

Often the character feels trapped and is struggling to escape.

Provide an example when the hero feels trapped or is escaping.





Questions the existing social and political systems.

Select a quote when the hero questions authority.


identify when in the story the hero questions the system.





Believes or feels that something is terribly wrong with the society in which he or she lives.

Identify what is wrong with the society in which our hero lives.





Helps the audience recognizes the negative aspects of the dystopian world through his or her perspective.

List three negative aspects of the dystopian world.




Identifies the illusion and or challenges the control impacting his or her life.

What is the illusion or control in the hero’s world?





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