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This is a general study guide for all freshmen.  Make sure to review your notes, quizes, and tests for details pertainent to your class level. 


Romeo and Juliet
 1. Why does Juliet stand on the balcony after the party?
 2. Who is Tybalt and what is his best skill? What happens to him in the story? List three character traits that describe Tybalt.
3. Define bigamy
4. Who is Friar Laurence and what is his plan to help Juliet and Romeo?
5. What is an apothecary?
 6. List at least three character traits that Romeo possess.
 7. Define conflict
8. Define climax
9. Define plot
10. How is dialogue used in a play?
11. What themes are developed in the play Romeo and Juliet? There are more then one!
12. How is the play resolved?
13. What important facts do you know about Shakespeare?
14. Literary terms to know: Soliloquy, Aside, Sonnet, Iambic Pentameter,
      Prologue, Monologues, Acts, Chapters



1.                  List all the details about Tom Robinson that you know!

2.                  What are the major themes developed in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird?  There are more then one!

3.                  List at least three character traits for Jean Louise Finch.

4.                  List at least three character traits for Charles Baker Harris

5.                  List at least three character traits for Jeremy Atticus Finch.

6.                  List at least three character traits for Atticus Finch.

7.                  Who is Heck Tate and how is he important to the story?

8.                  Who is Arthur Radley and how is he important to the story?

9.                  What do we learn about the Ewell family.

10.              What kind of a man is Bob Ewell?

11.              What is the setting of the novel?

12.              How do we know that Scout is growing up in the novel?

13.              Why does Reverend Skyes want all the blacks to stand in the courtroom?

14.              What major events occur during the trail?





Rising Action



Verbal Irony





Protagonist Romeo, Juliet, Atticus

Antagonist Tybalt, Bob Ewell


Setting:  Definition, Novels and Short Stories

Drama: Romeo and Juliet

Novel: To Kill A Mockingbird


Important Facts about the authors we have read: Shakespeare and Harper Lee


Study past quizzes and tests


IMPORTANT CHARACTERS:  Know the the importance of these characters and how they are related to each other.
CAPULET'S                           MONTAGUE'S
Lord and Lady Capulet            Lord and Lady Montague
Juliet                                        Romeo
Tybalt                                      Benevolio
OTHER CHARACTER'S:  Who is their foil?

If you need additional help to prepare for the Final, please make an appointment after school with Mrs. V.  I am available most days until 3:00 PM.